ZANUSSI ZOD35802XK Electric Double Oven – Stainless Steel





Top features- Multiplus oven ensures that food is cooked evenly- Set & go makes cooking even easier- Stress-free cleaning thanks to the catalytic lining- Defrost function to safely heat up leftoversMultiplus ovenThe multiplus Zanussi ZOD35802XK Electric Double Oven lets you cook on several levels at once, evenly distributing heat to ensure your food is cooked thoroughly from the inside out.Set & goThe set & go function lets you pre-programme cooking times, and turns the oven off once the set time has elapsed. This provides safe, effortless cooking and allows you to get on with other household chores.Stress-free cleaningCatalytic lining, which burns off fat, grease and other spills when the oven temperature reaches around 220°C, allows you to effortlessly wipe away any lingering residue with a damp cloth. Ideal for those looking for an easy to maintain appliance.Defrost functionThe quick and efficient defrost function allows you to thaw frozen foods safely. Activate by simply turning the knob, you can heat up succulent dishes safely and effortlessly.________________________________ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires hardwiring and should be installed by a qualified engineer, such as one of our Knowhow experts.

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