Tech21 Evo Check Ultra-Thin Case For Samsung Galaxy S8+ – Smokey Black




More protection and even more personality with the newest edition to the Evo Check Family. Smartphones are beautifully designed, but sometimes we just want to give them an extra layer of personality. Ultra-thin, lightweight and featuring a unique check pattern, you can trust the Evo Check’s advanced drop protection to keep your phone as beautiful as the day you took it out of the box. A new device. A new opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible with our Evo Check. Thanks to FlexShock™, an ultra-efficient impact absorbing material, and an all-new 3-layer impact absorption system, the Evo Check now offers excellent (3metre/10ft) drop protection. This turns your fear of breaking your phone into a carefree attitude that makes life that much more fun. FlexShock™ is so efficient that we didnt need much of it to offer great protection, making the Evo Check ultra-thin and lightweight. As a trusted Samsung partner, we work in collaboration with Samsung to design each of our products. By working in partnership right from the start, our products are designed to work perfectly with Samsung devices. Depth: 155 MM Easy on, Easy off: So that you can give your phone a quick clean or switch between cases without causing any damage. Protected: One year case warranty included. Conditions apply. Ultra thin & lightweight: FlexShock™ is so efficient that we didn’t need much of it to offer great protection. Height: 10 MM Width: 75 MM

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