Supertooth Buddy Hands-Free Bluetooth Visor Car-Kit And In-Car Holder – Black

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Hands-Free has never been so easy with the Buddy Bluetooth Visor Car-Kit and In-Car Holder – Black With your safety in our best interests and in light of recent law changes, the Buddy Hands-free Bluetooth Visor Car-Kit is here to steer you in the right direction when it comes to being hands-free. Firstly, Buddy is hassle-free and easy to use – there are no tricky installation processes, this car kit will automatically pair with the latest Bluetooth (2.1) enabled handsets. Devices using previous Bluetooth versions can also be connected – all you have to do is start the standard pairing process. This car kit is also intelligent – with its auto-connect function, you can leave the device switched on and when you return to your vehicle a short time later, Buddy will instantly recognise and reconnect to your mobile as soon as you open your car door. Buddys soft, supple microphone covering and powerful speaker ensure perfect sound quality, as voices are both picked up and emitted more clearly. This device also enables you to connect to 2 devices simultaneously – great for your personal and work phone! With its magnetic clip, the Buddy can quickly be attached to your cars sun visor for easy access. Charging is also made simple thanks to the handy USB cable charger provided. Multi Fit Suction Holder Ensure your handset is secure whilst driving, with this suction holder which will fit any device. The holder has a long arm which you attach it to either a windscreen or a flat surface in the car and the adjustable angle of the holder ensures that you can see your phone safely whilst driving. The holder has an adjustable grip, designed to hold most mobile phones, which has padded sides to secure the phone in position whilst you’re on the move! Depth: 25 MM No installation required Magnetic Clip Fully Auto-Pairs your device Reconnection to phone when you get in your car An easy to use In-Car Holder Included Height: 60 MM Width: 130 MM

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