STOVES Sterling 600Ei Electric Cooker – Black




The Stoves Sterling 600Ei Electric Cooker looks impeccably smart in its black finish, and offers you delightfully flexible and powerful cooking options. Hob on board The hob on the Sterling 600-Ei Cooker is powered by induction technology, which means it’s fast, safe and responsive. When ferrous metal pots and pans are placed on the hob elements, a circuit is created to generate precise and even heating that doesn’t waste energy. There’s also a boost function when you need that little bit of extra heat. It’s the electric answer to the benefits of gas cooking, and it will enhance your cooking life no end. Loving the oven The Sterling 6-00E-i Cooker also features a fully-programmable electric oven that gives you perfect results every time thanks to its even heat distribution. The main cavity uses dynamic fan technology for excellent all-round heating and deliciously tender results. The top cavity employs conventional heat for cooking in a more traditional way, giving you a great range of options and achievable effects. There’s also an electric variable grill that is perfect for healthier browned and crisped food, and its temperature can be altered by selecting a high or low setting. You can even grill with the door open for greater control. Internal features and functions The oven has a great defrost function to precisely thaw all your frozen goods, preserving texture, taste and nutritional value. A fully programmable clock and timer ensure control and accuracy whatever you’re cooking. There are 2 oven shelves and 5 shelf positions so you can achieve exactly the cooking results you desire. As well as clear glass viewing windows, you’ll be able to check on your food more easily with the bright rear halogen light, which provides up to 36% more light but uses over 20% less energy than conventional bulbs. Carefully does it With an Energy Savings Trust-approved Class A rating, the Stoves Sterling 6-00Ei is extremely economical, saving you on bills and also having a lower environmental impact. The oven’s fascia cooling system keeps things safer while you’re cooking, and the hob is equipped with pan detection and pan overheat sensors that prevent unnecessary operation and accidents. The interior of the oven is lined with specially designed enamel that prevents hardening of food and spills so it’s far easier to clean. Choose the Stoves Sterling 600Ei Electric Cooker in a sleek black finish for all the modern cooking power and efficiency you could ask for.

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