Sisley Eau D’Ikar Eau de Toilette




A fresh and woody citrus composition rich with fine natural essences. An Eau de Toilette for men, from Sisley. Vibrant, original, masculine, with a name synonymous with poetic ambition. Capturing the deep desire in man to fly. A high-quality fragrance of elegant simplicity rich in beautiful natural essences. The main note is lentisk, a Mediterranean shrub. Lentisk is present in the top note, middle note and base note. The vivacity of citrus highlights the essence of lentisk with crisp green notes. Elegant and refined flowers accompany the uncompromising lentisk that evokes sweetness and warmth. Dark and powerful woods come to develop sensual and seductive notes at the lentisk heart. An artwork bottle, symbol of a myth revisited. Crystalline, clear, carved in hollow with an abstract wing, pure and transparent and a man’s torso fashioned in the thick of the glass. A piece by Bronislaw Krzysztof.

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