Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Stainless Steel 16.5Cm




Using their unique tru-lux system, simplehuman’s 16.5 cm Sensor Mirror will always show you in the best possible light. Sensor-tivity A sensor ‘sees’ when your face approaches and automatically lights up at 600 lux, with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90. This makes it more than twice as bright as a regular mirror and the closest simulation of natural sunlight yet. Mirror Image With glass backed by high-purity aluminium, it’s designed with the best reflectivity and clarity in mind, and it’s completely distortion-free, even around the edges. Choose from two heights, and swivel the mirror until you reach your perfect viewing angle. A Century of Shine Unlike traditional bulbs, the light around the edge will never burn out, so even after 40,000 hours, it will still be as bright as the day you bought it. This is the equivalent of an hour a day, every day, for more than 100 years! Ready for a Close-Up 7x magnification makes it ideal for all areas of grooming. With a high level of detail and wide viewing area, it’s perfect when you’re getting ready for work, a big night out, and everything in between. Powered Up Lasting up to 5 weeks at a time, the rechargeable battery means you’re not tied to a plug socket, and it shuts off automatically when you walk away, helping it last longer. Depth: 11.8 CM Height: 28.5 CM Width: 19 CM

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