Simplehuman Semi-Round 45-Litre Sensor Bin – Stainless Steel





simplehuman Semi-Round 45-litre Sensor Bin – Stainless Steel This sensor bin from simplehuman is full of clever ideas that make it a fantastic addition to your kitchen. It features an ingenious sensor that actually adapts to you and your surrounding environment to avoid false triggers. Once open, the sensor can see even more, so it won’t close until you’ve finished what you’re doing. The motor is whisper quiet too, using a special series of gears that open the lid at just 52 db. A nano-silver clear coat helps to keep the stainless steel construction looking pristine. It protects the metal from fingerprints and germs, so it’s more hygienic than traditional bins too. It features a generous 45-litre capacity and takes advantage of a semi-round design that allows you to stand it flush against the wall, and the inside of the drum has a special liner pocket for faster changing. simplehuman have even designed their own liners to fit this bin perfectly. Code J liners, available separately, help to create a seamless look with no bunching or overhang. Depth: 32.6 CM Height: 64.1 CM Width: 39.1 CM

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