Set of 2 Craft Snifter Beer Glasses





A classic curved shape which is specifically made to trap the aroma with the narrow rim and the short stem acts as a stand for the glass to be cupped in the palm of the drinker, so that the beer is gently warmed to unlock flavour with each sip.,Dimensions: Height:16.9 cm, Width:7.8 cm, Diameter:7.8 cm,Item details: These snifter glasses have been specially designed for strong, aromatic beers. Great for hoppy beer styles like Pale Ales & India Pale Ales (IPA’s) Try with our M&S single variety hop beer ranges such as the Mosaic Pale Ale or Citra IPA. This set of 2 will make a perfect gift, These are dishwasher safe but not microwave and oven safe,Care and composition: Soda glass

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