SAMSUNG SMARTTH SmartThings Presence Sensor




Presence sensorThe SmartSense Presence Sensor is designed to help you monitor when people or pets arrive home enter specific areas of your home. With a SmartThings Presence Sensor you can:- Know when people, pets and cars arrive or leave home – Receive an alert if your pet unexpectedly leaves home – Set connected lights to turn on and off automatically as people come and go – Attach to your keychain and find your keys at homeIt works with any device connected to your Smart Things Hub (sold separately), so you can set it to trigger pretty much any smart device in your home. Samsung SmartThings The Samsung SmartSense Presence Sensor forms parts of the Smart Things range, which is a collection of devices that brings all of the smart technology in your home together. You control them all from a single app, so managing even the most complex setup is simple. Keep your home and family safe with the Samsung SmartSense Presence Sensor.

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