Samsung J5 Flip Wallet Cover Black




This case needs little introduction; it’s practical, efficient, and not to mention smart. Nowadays, we like the ease of keeping our valuables all together in one, safe place. This is where the invention of the classic Flip Wallet Cover answers all of our problems. Offering protection for your Samsung Device with its easily accessible flip-style cover, this case also features an inner card slot where you can store all of your bank cards and ID. And for added practically, this smart cover will detect your movements and wake and sleep each time you open and close it. To ensure your device stays smart by looking the part, the Flip Wallet Cover is available in black, gold, blue and pink. Depth: 10 MM Premium convenience Luxurious comfort Official Samsung product Height: 145 MM Mobile Phones Accessory Type: Cases & Pouches Width: 73 MM

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