Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear View Stand Cover Case With Fingerprint-Resistant Coating – Violet





The Samsung Clear View Stand Cover just gave ‘clear view’ a whole new meaning. The Clear View cover is pure elegance in simplicity. Its fluid, harmonious design blends in seamlessly to protect your device while retaining its original look, to make it a far more enriching experience. But the Clear View Cover has grown and teamed up with the view standing cover. The idea is simple; witness the perfect combination of a clear view cover case, fitted with numerous viewing options. With the Clear View Stand Cover case your S8 transforms into the versatile device you need it to be; designed to be taken with you wherever you are and whatever you are doing. With an optimized viewing angle, this means you can enjoy your S8 for what it really is -.just unfold the beautiful case to rest it at a landscape angle, sit back and enjoy. You can simply let the case do the work and rest your device for when you’re too tied up, it’s ideal for hands-free calling, reading or simply enjoying an episode of your favourite series. Access all the essentials, including incoming calls and music playback, without even lifting the lid! Just let the stylish shades do all of the work. The highly efficient fingerprint-resistant coating allows you to easily view your device by offering the cleanest screen possible for ultimate legibility, keeping your phone as spotless as the first day you bought it. Not only does the clear view offer a stylish and mirrored-like effect, your S8 will sit comfortably and securely within the protective casing, so no need to worry about it slipping out. Enjoy three cases in one with the Clear View Standing Cover, available in black, gold, blue, pink, silver and violet. Depth: 150 MM Keep your device spotless Optomized viewing angle Protect your device from bumps and scratches Keep a lid on your privacy Height: 14 MM Width: 71 MM

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