Samsung C27F591FDU Full HD Crystal Colour Curve Monitor, 27





The sharp, colourful images produced by Samsung’s C27F591FDU monitor means it’s not only a winning replacement for your current monitor, but also your main TV. Its curved shape provides a wider field of view and enhanced depth perception, so the whole family can enjoy it wherever they’re sat in the living room. Reduced eye strain The 1800R screen has a 1.8m radius of arc to provide a wider field of vision and enhanced depth perception, which not only creates a more immersive experience but also allows eyes to track the surface quicker than on a flat screen. Colour richness The colour range has been extended by the brand’s Active Crystal Colour technology to provide you with a greater selection for an improved photo- and video-editing experience. The monitor’s 3000:1 contrast ratio brings you darker blacks and more vibrant whites to help the images spring off the screen. No choppy gaming Samsung has incorporated AMD FreeSync™ technology, which is designed to prevent broken frames and interference while you’re gaming. It works to improve the line of communication between the monitor and processor, so you can remain ahead of the game and not be playing catch-up. Stereo speakers & ports a plenty The dual 5-watt speakers are slotted within the display will keep the space on your desk free from bulky speakers. You’ll be able to easily connect all your peripherals – from digital camera to monitors and laptops – as the C27F591FDU is fitted with HDMI, DP and D-sub ports. Accessories included: Power cable (1.5m) Quick setup guide HDMI cable

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