RANGEMASTER Classic 110 Gas Range Cooker – Cranberry & Chrome





Great for cooking up all manner of dinners, desserts and sumptuous snacks, the Rangemaster Classic 110 Gas Range Cooker, in cranberry red, brings the latest in cooking technology to your household in a classic deisgn that will bestow grace and elegance to any kitchen. A versatile hob Take advantage of rapid, focused heat from six gas burners to fry, boil and simmer your way to culinary excellence. A wok burner is included to accommodate large cookware and to give you a way to prepare tasty Asian-style feasts while a cast aluminium griddle plate is included for a quick, healthy cooking surface. Space for more The Rangemaster Classic 110 Range Cooker offers three cooking cavities to give you maximum cooking control and flexibility. The two large, 66-litre cavities have all the space that you will need for all your cooking endeavours. Conventionally heated by gas, they give you the flexibility to cook different items at the same time and can maintain different cooking environments. Expand the preparation of your cuisine further with the separate full-width variable grill compartment, which is ideal for cooking meat and fish or adding a crispy finish to dishes. The Classic 110 also boasts a convenient swing out Handyrack that attaches to the oven door and lets you check on the status of your roast without burning your hands.The fourth cavity is a convenient storage drawer which allows you to keep your trays and pans close and conveniently to hand. Minimal maintenance The Rangemaster Classic 110 Cooker features catalytic liners in both oven cavities, which work by absorbing spillages and splashes and then oxidising the trapped mess at high temperatures, making it easy to wipe clean upon completion. Putting safety first, the Classic features a Flame Supervision Device for added peace of mind; if the flame is extinguished for any reason the FSD detects it and automatically shuts off the gas supply. Recommended by the Energy Savings Trust, the cooker is rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency, so it’s kinder to your household bills and the environment. The stylish Rangemaster Classic 110 Gas Range Cooker is a wonderful appliance that will enable you to dish up delightful meals and desserts time after time.

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