Polaroid Pop Instant Print Digital Camera – Pink & Pop Zink Paper 40 Pack

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Polaroid brings back its 3×4″ instant photo prints with a fun, new twist. The Polaroid POP camera features a large LCD viewfinder and touchscreen display, and a built-in printer that lets you share high-quality photo prints on the spot. You can choose to print right away or later. You can also customize your photos with borders, filters, and digital stickers. The camera also features 1080p HD video recording, and connection to other devices via Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®. POP ZINK Paper 40 Pack * ZINK is an exciting new way to print high-quality photos instantly…without using a drop of ink! Thanks to ZINK Technology, you can now print your cell phone or digital camera photos while youre on the go– without needing to hook up to your computer or printer. Depth: 3 CM Take pictures in style with the Polaroid POP instant print digital camera Instant camera and photo printer in one – instant print photo prints 3.5 x 4.25″ size 1080p video quality with optical zoom function Self timer and Photobooth mode Wi-Fi connectivity for ease of connectivity and app enablement Customise your photos with filters, borders, stickers, text and touchscreen The Polaroid POP features the white border you love on your prints. GPS: N Height: 15 CM LCD Size: 3.5 NFC: N Screen Size: 3.97 SD Card: N Video Quality: 1080p Width: 12 CM Zoom: Digital Zoom

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