Playmobil City Action Space Shuttle Set




Houston, we’re having a blast.   Little space-hoppers will be walking on air when they play with Playmobil’s awesome Space Shuttle Set! Be well-equipped to explore the great void and embark on spectacular interstellar adventures!   Other than its authentic-looking construction, this space craft has a host of fantastic features to bring it to life. Enjoy a powerful lift-off with its bright light-up nozzle and watch it glow in the dark like it’s really in space. When you leave the Earth’s atmosphere and start to drift through space, you have to be prepared for any unwanted threats too. This aircraft has just the thing – a hidden cannon!   This also comes with 2 Playmobil astronauts – one driving, the other drifting outside on the crane. It’s up to you help them keep safe on their super space adventure. This fantastic set will give hours of star-gazing fun.   Combine with other Playmobile City Action Space Sets (sold separately) to complete your experience!

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