PHILIPS HR2102/01 Daily Blender – White & Beige





Make meals, drinks, sauces and dips using the Philips HR2102/01 Daily Blender. Do more in your kitchen Equipped with a 400 W motor, this powerful Philips blender lets you perfectly prepare an endless variety of ingredients, delightful drinks, meals and side dishes in mere moments. The HR2102/01 provides 1.5 litres of blending capacity within its strong, break resistant jar – making it easily capable of withstanding even the most vigorous of food preparation. Convenient and efficient With two speed settings, a mini-chopper attachment, a pulse function and a convenient dispensing tap, no matter what you’re making the HR2102/01 gives you the options to produce and serve it quickly and effectively. If you’re looking for added flexibility in the kitchen, then look no further than the Philips HR2102/01 Daily Blender.

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