Neff B44S52N5GB Slide and Hide Single Oven, Stainless Steel





Ergonomically designed and remarkable in performance, the B44S52N5GB Single Oven from Neff seamlessly fits into your kitchen’s interior, whilst enhancing productivity with your cooking. Complete with a fully retractable door for easier access, a self-cleaning system, three level cooking and a sleek interface, this oven has the capabilities to make your lifestyle much easier. Slide&Hide Door Accessing your oven cavity is much safer and easier thanks to the uniquely designed Slide&Hide door. Fully retractable and swift in movement, you can slide the door into the cavity whenever you need to access the oven cavity and lift your dish out without the risk of burning yourself. CircoTherm Simultaneous cooking has never been much simpler thanks to CircoTherm technology. This outstanding hot-air system is able to simultaneously bake and roast foods in the cavity on three levels without compromising results and transferring flavours of each food. Simplistic Functionality With retractable controls for easy navigation and cleaning, an intelligent automatic on/off function to ensure you don’t leave your oven on by accident and a silver display Easy Clock, this oven delivers smooth, intuitive and effortless cooking, so that you can focus on other food preparation. Ergonomically Designed The B44S52N5GB seamlessly blends into your kitchen’s interior thanks to its ergonomic design. With its bevelled glass fascia, oval controls and retractable control, the oven is wonderfully enhanced with a silver display and mechanical controls, giving you a stylish and innovative centrepiece to your kitchen. CeramicClean Maintaining a beautifully clean oven can be a thankless task at times, CeramiClean reduces the amount of time that you would spend cleaning the cavity, self-cleaning itself so that you don’t have to. Absorbing and oxidising grease particles, the liners on the back and roof of the cavity collect and burn any deposits from your food, meaning that you only need to quickly wipe the surface. Heating Methods CircoTherm Top/bottom heat Full surface grill Bottom heat Defrost CircoRoasting

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