Mike Shepherd – The Cuillin Mountains Framed Print, 81 x 107cm





The dramatic beauty of the hazy Cuillin Mountain range on the Isle of Skye is captured this stunning print. Perfect for bringing the great British outdoors into your living room.   Mike Shepherd’s beautiful photography aims to achieve a clear description of natural design and elemental simplicity in the landscape. Through his floral design he explores inner light, essence and ideal form. His images are simultaneously realistic and impressionistic.   He was born in London 1964 and took up photography on his 16th birthday. A Lancaster University graduate, he came out with a first class honours in Eastern art and architecture, going on to teach photography, digital imaging, and digital art at the same uni. After this, he embarked on his now full time career as a landscape photographer, where he is strongly influenced by the American landscape monochrome tradition.   Have you thought about hooks and fittings? Shop here .

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