Miele EVS6114 Integrated Vacuum Drawer, Black/Stainless Steel




Futuristic yet simple-to-use, the EVS6114 Integrated Vacuum Drawer from Miele vacuum seals your food for long-lasting freshness and convenient storage. By removing oxygen from the vacuum bags, the EVS6114 creates the ideal conditions for preserving your food, as well as the perfect preparation and portion control for Sous Vide cooking. The look, shape, minerals and vitamins will remain the same, so you can be sure you’re still getting the all nutrients you need from your favourite foods. The EVS6114 comes equipped with a choice of three vacuuming settings to suit almost any requirement. For example, setting 3 is ideal for marinated meat, while setting 1 is perfect for more delicate food, such as berries. The design of the EVS6114 not only looks the part, it’s practical and spacious too. Featuring full telescopic runners for easy loading and unloading, touch controls and a light push-to-open mechanism, this unique kitchen extra is sure to be a welcome addition to any home.

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