MIELE Eco & Comfort TDD130WP Heat Pump Tumble Dryer – White

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Top features: – FragranceDos delivers fresh smelling laundry for up to four weeks – Gently dry your clothes with the HoneyComb Plus drum – Residual moisture detector tailors the drying time of each cycle – Quieter operation with reduced airflow and vibration FragranceDosWith Miele’s unique FragranceDos technology, your clothes will come out smelling fresh and clean after every cycle.Simply insert the capsule into your dryer and an uplifting scent will be released into your laundry, which can last for up to four weeks.Gently dry your clothesMiele’s HoneyComb drum creates air pockets which lift laundry higher curing cycles. Fabrics float for longer in the warm air stream, which ensures that your laundry is treated gently whilst being thoroughly dried.This smart feature also creates less creases during the drying cycle, making ironing easier and quicker.Residual moisture detectorThe Miele Eco & Comfort TDD130WP Tumble Dryer adjusts the drying time of each cycle according to the remaining moisture levels inside the drum.By tailoring the length of the cycle to suit each load, any damage caused by over drying will be avoided.Quiet operationMiele’s heat-pump dryers feature specially designed anti-vibration casing. This means that you can watch a film without disruption or run the appliance overnight without disturbing the household, giving you greater flexibility on when you dry your laundry.

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