LOGIK LBIDOX16 Electric Double Oven – Stainless Steel




Top features: – Spacious interior with two ovens and a wide grill – Everyday features to help you stay on top of cooking and cleaning Spacious interior Offering the ability to cook different dishes at the same time at different temperatures, the Logik LBIDOX16 Double Oven features two ovens for flexible, unrestricted cooking. Providing a combined 105 litres of space, you’ll have plenty of room for larger meals and big roasts. The main oven utilises a fan heating system, delivering faster heat up times so that you can cook quicker and at lower temperatures, without sacrificing quality. Fan cooking distributes hot air evenly around the oven to save time. Finish off a dessert or whip up some classic cheese on toast with the large grill, which has quick heating elements so you won’t have to wait long. Everyday features Monitor how your meal is progressing with the wide glass window in the door and interior oven light – you won’t need to open the door and risk spoiling your baking. If you need to leave the kitchen while something is cooking, simply set the programmable timer to make sure that nothing is accidentally left to burn. When you’re finished cooking, the LBIDOX16 can be cleaned quickly and easily thanks to a durable enamel coating that can be wiped clean in moments.

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