LG LAS355B 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wired Subwoofer





The LG LAS355B soundbar can leverage your entire viewing experience with great sounding audio. Boasting a subwoofer, wireless connectivity and a host of nifty playback methods, the possibilities are endless. Enhanced Sounds Small yet mighty, the soundbar drives 120W of audio power to fill out the sound from your TV. Connecting to your TV wirelessly, the LG LAS355B enhances sound effects, dialogue and other audio to complete the viewing experience. Tinker with a range of sound modes, like CINEMA, MUSIC, Flat and Boost, to suit your viewing neeeds. Wired Subwoofer The LG LA355B is supported with a 70W wired subwoofer which boosts the bass. This adds more impact to the onscreen visuals and richness to music. Bluetooth Connectivity With the soundbar partnered with an LG TV, you can wirelessly sync up the LAS350B via Bluetooth 4.0. This allows you to enjoy all that great sound without tripping on cables and enables you to mount the soundbar on the wall using the bracket kit (included) .To control the soundbar, use the LG Music Bluetooth app with a compatible Smartphone or tablet. Versatile Playback LG have added a wealth of clever features to playback your media. With Bluetooth Multipoint, you can link up to devices simulatanously, letting friends take turns playing music more seamlessly. Use the Portable IN feature to playback content directly from MP3 players, laptops or other personal multimedia players, and the USB Playback to channel tracks straight from your memory stick. Delivery information: If you buy a large screen TV along with this item, please note that they’ll be delivered separately.

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