Lancôme Soleil Face Bronzer Gel 50ml SPF50





Lancôme Soleil Face Bronzer Gel 50ml SPF50.NOW SPF 50. For the 1st time by Lancôme, born from the innovative combination of an advanced broad UVA-UVB filter system, Vitamin E and a luxurious oil trilogy , this smoothing protective cream protects the skin efficiently against UVA-UVB performing up to long UVA, helps protect skin from the visible signs of premature ageing.Immediately, thanks to the performance of its lightweight melting and delicately perfumed formula, skin feels enveloped with a protective film. This is a non-tinted SPF face protective gel, dry to the touch but silk smooth when applied on the skin.Benefits:Day after day, nourished with moisture, smoothed and protected, the skin unveils a luminous and even tan, with a satiny finished and an exceptional radiance.Water-resistant formula.All skin types

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