KitchenAid KOASP Twelix Artisan Built-In Single Oven, Stainless Steel




Produce top quality steam-assisted cooking from the comfort of your own home with KitchenAid’s Twelix Artisan Built-In Single Oven. Create mouthwatering meals, beautiful bakes and delicious deserts with 5 steam-assisted functions and and 3 cooking levels. Crafted from stainless steel, with an A+ energy rating and integrated self-cleaning system, this model will be an efficient and lasting edition to your kitchen. KitchenAid’s Twelix Artisan Oven gives you the ability to create restaurant quality cooking in your own home. There are a variety of steam preset functions which produce different combinations of steam and ventilation. This machine gives you the flexibility to cook using a standard convention oven, combination oven or just with pure steam. Professional cooking functions The Pure Steam feature will allow you to enhance the flavour of vegetables, such as artichokes and pumpkins and seafood such as prawns, scampi and shellfish, whilst being cooked in a healthy and natural way. The Dehydration Rack is used for drying fruit and vegetables and the Tweli-grill is perfect to grilling succulent meats, fish and vegetables. It offers enhanced grilling capacity as additional hot air is evenly distributed in the cavity whilst grilling, resulting in even cooking results as well as the possibility to grill on two levels simultaneously. The Turbo Grill feature is ideal for roasting large joints of meat to make delicious home-cooked Sunday roasts. By positioning the food on the middle shelves, you can use the drip tray to collect the cooking juices to make the perfect homemade gravy. With the Convention Bake setting, it’s easy to cook meat, filled pies and stuffed vegetables. This function uses intermittent and gentle ventilation, which prevents excessive drying of foods. Fitted with a soft-close system, the oven door closes itself with one smooth, quiet movement. This model also comes with a rotisserie spit and a pair of telescopic shelf slides that enable you to remove the drip tray easily from the oven. The integrated self-cleaning Pryolytic system is the most efficient and advanced way to clean an oven. The high cleaning temperature of up to 500ËšC leaves the oven completely clean, without a spot of grease. The oven is locked during and immediately after the cleaning process, which makes it safe and family-friendly. With an A+ energy efficiency rating, KitchenAid’s Twelix Artisan Oven will use less power and save you money on your bills. Intelligent heat channelling, optimal use of oven materials and an extra insulation ensures considerable reductions in energy consumption. Key features: Child lock Steam functions Soft Closing Door Integrated self-cleaning system Quadruple Glazed cool door

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