KENWOOD KS101BL Electric Oven – Black




Top features: – Multifunction oven with nine settings for versatile cooking – Cooling features make your kitchen safer – Easy to clean so less work for you Multifunction oven Whatever you’re making, find the perfect setting for your food. The Kenwood KS101BL Electric Oven boasts nine oven functions including fan, defrost and grill to make sure your meals are cooked exactly the way you want them. The included pizza stone accessory is made of a special material that’s ideal for cooking a delicious pizza, combined with the booster function that goes up to 300 degrees your pizza will be cooked to perfection. A 40 degree slow cook gives fast bread leavening for excellent baking. Cooling features Thanks to its discreet finish, the Kenwood KS101BL Electric Oven makes a great addition to any modern kitchen. Featuring a fully programmable timer and dial controls, using your oven is quick and easy. Triple glazing keeps the oven door cool, and an internal cooling fan ensures the control panel doesn’t get too hot either. Easy cleaning The Kenwood KS101BL Electric Oven is designed with a removable glass door panel making it less work to deep clean. Its oven walls are also made from easy clean enamel, so they are simple to wipe down after use. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires a qualified engineer to fit the plug, such as one of our Knowhow experts.

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