iCoo Grow with me 123




The complete set from birth consisting of frame, baby cot with soft mattress, high chair for newborns with MP3-sound connection and vibration. High chair with adjustable food tray, slip protection and removable tray. From birth up to 4 years. Lightweight aluminium frame with telescopic height-adjustment baby cot with soft insert and viewing window. Ergonomically shaped newborn high chair with MP3 sound system and vibration, adjustable backrest and footrest. New standards in design and technology. The iCoo Grow With Me 1.2.3 combines three products in one: baby attachment, high chair attachment and separate baby cot. With a few simple steps, the modules can be mounted onto the ultra-lightweight aluminium frame. Thanks to the two wheels of the Grow With Me 1.2.3, you will be always mobile. And no matter where you put it, you will be always able to watch your child thanks to the 3-way telescopic height adjustment. The baby cot with its soft mattress and fluffy bassinet is perfect for your newborn. If you put it next to your bed, you can watch your baby at any time due to the large viewing windows at the sides. The side windows can be opened with a zipper. For feeding, just put your child in the comfortable baby attachment. The backrest can be brought into the lying position by a one-hand adjustment. Due to the individual height adjustment, your baby will be able to sit at your eye level at any time and at any table.

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