HP OMEN Gaming PC & Explorer Mixed Reality Headset & Controller Bundle





Dive into the world of powerful gaming and mixed reality with the HP OMEN Gaming PC & Explorer Mixed Reality Headset Bundle. This bungle includes the HP OMEN 880-001na Gaming PC and Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset & Controllers.__________________________________________HP OMEN 880-001na Gaming PCUp your game with the HP OMEN PC, which boasts an Intel Core i5 processor so you can run powerful games and applications without worrying about your PC slowing down. With dedicated NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 graphics, you can run a whole range of demanding games without any trouble so you can sit back and enjoy the latest titles.For cool, consistent running of your gaming PC, the HP Omen Gaming PC has all-around edge vents and two fans for cooling your PC. This means you can game confidently whilst knowing your desktop is being cooled correctly.The HP Omen 880-001na is designed to be upgraded easily with a tool-less door for quick access and maintenance. This means you can forever expand your Omen Gaming PC as new hardware becomes available.__________________________________________Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset & ControllersComfort is key in virtual reality, and the Lenovo Explorer Headset is designed so that you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it. The headset is lightly padded with an adjustable dial, so it’s easy to get the right fit. Play classic VR games on Steam like Space Pirate Trainer, Fantastic Contraption, and Universe Sandbox, Watch 360 videos from GoPro, discover new adventures with Minecraft, and play incredible new games from the Windows Store – including Skyworld and Arizona Sunshine.Offering complete freedom of movement, the wireless motion controllers let you interact in a natural way for greater freedom in every game. With haptic feedback, thumb sticks and button controls you can easily navigate around the virtual landscapes.

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