Graham & Brown Beige Bambi Border

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This Bambi border roll will look to add the finishing touches to a child’s bedroom or play area, using the comforting presence of the children’s classic character to great effect. The design features Bambi and his friend Thumper at play amongst nature, accessorised with small detailed motifs in a pattern. This design will help to create a calming yet fun ambience for a youngster without becoming too overstated and over stimulating.Painted wall tips: Prior to applying border or stickers onto painted walls: clean wall and make sure it is dry.Newly painted walls: It is recommended to let the paint cure for 3 weeks prior to applying border or stickers. Even if new paint feels dry, it may still need to settle and completely cure.Not recommended on: silk or gloss painted walls; orange peel textured walls; over cinder blocks or very textured and porous surfaces; over silk wallpaper or delicate surfaces.Decorative Border

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