Giorgio Armani Maestro Designer Brush 03





Giorgio Armani Maestro Designer Brush 03.This brush has been created to expertly lay down and seamlessly fuse onto skin cream foundation textures, for even application, precision and impeccable coverage.The Maestro Brush collection sees the couture makeup artistry of Giorgio Armani meet the excellence of Japanese brush-making.Originating from a village in Japan where brush-making has been a tradition for 200 years, the collection are of the highest quality, providing a makeup result which is effortlessly and visibly accentuated.The Maestro Brush collection is made using the high quality hair with only the best tips selected, allowing for a gentle touch and effortless buildability. A handmade technique called `sarae-dori` is used to remove any imperfect hair. The brushes take a mountainess shape with `perfect curves`, so that they perfectly conform to the curves of the face.Make Up Brush

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