Fudge Kitchen Indulgent Gift Chocolate Selection, 9 Miniatures





Look away if you’re easily ruffled, for Chocolate Indulgence is a veritable obscenity of cocoa couplings … nine choco-combos wearing Come Hither looks … in sumptuous gift packaging … a chocoholic’s darkest fantasy Whatever your choco-yen: Dark, white, Belgian? However you like it paired: Nuts, fruit, salt, chili? You’ll find it winking from this gorgeous grid of nine fudge squares; each hand made and decorated by an artisan team, using only the finest, natural ingredients and no preservatives. Contains: Dark Chocolate Pistachio Dark Chocolate Sea Salt White Chocolate & Raspberry Belgian Chocolate Swirl Double Trouble Hazelnut Heaven Rich Chocolate Classic Chilli Chocolate Chocolate Fruit & Nuts Each piece weighs around 20g. Great Taste Award Winning Flavour Best before date: Minimum 6 months

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