Freefly VR Beyond Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset




Experience The New Freefly VR:beyondRE-Imagined and re-engineered, the new Freefly VR: beyond takes virtual reality to the next level!Unlock Your Phones PotentialYou don’t realise it, but your smartphone hides more potential than you think. The latest wave of phones feature high resolution and fast processors. Coupled with an ever growing list of applications and content, now is the time to buy Freefly and experience VR like never before.Conductive TriggersThe most intuitive way to interact with virtual reality. The spring loaded triggers simply extend the reach of your fingers to the smartphone’s screen, making it easy to use and incredibly responsive.Sharper OpticsUpgraded lens optics are brighter with more clarity for a more immersive VR experience.Increased VentilationFogging in VR is reduced with the Freefly VR: beyond ventilation system. Carefully positioned vents allow air to cool both the phone and lenses.More SecureGrippy rubber blocks now lock your phone even tighter with two depressed edges that prevent the home button from being accidently triggered.Input: Conductive triggers (iPhone and Android)Face Padding: Perforated faux leatherPhone and face vents: YesAnti-phone home button: YesPhone Grips: RubberSlot Loading Packaging: Yes

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