Ezy Roller Pro Red





Turns out, kids of all ages love the EzyRoller, including the ones with kids of their own. So we just had to invent the Ezy Roller Pro, designed to carry more adult weight and allow for longer legs. It also comes with an extension. EzyRoller Pro, the Big Whopper. The Ezyroller Pro is the larger version of the Ezyroller. Now also fun for older children and those who already have their own children. Depth: 92 CM Height: 48 CM Width: 58 CM Cycle Accessories Type: RIDE-ON The vehicle for larger children, teenagers & adults brings fun. Movement with the tricycle as well as a training of the mobility of the whole body. Pure driving pleasure, which also promotes coordination and dexterity The Trike is built of a sturdy steel tube frame which is equipped with proven and easy running scooter wheels The driver sits comfortably in a seat made of a sturdy plastic cloth & due to the low center of gravity it is hardly possible to overturn the vehicle Equipped with extrastabile frame and reliable disc brake, this toy also makes adults happy 11 to Adult 5’+

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