Cybex Sirona Group Newborn Baby Car Seat Inlay, Black




This car seat inlay provides support and comfort for your newborn baby and is for use with Cybex Sirona car seats. This car seat accessory is for rear-facing use and offers adjustable recline positions. It’s compatible with the innovative Isofix (International Standards Organisation Fix) car seat system to optimise safety in a simple way and ensure seats are correctly fitted. Two pieces of foam material allow you three different seating positions to provide extra comfort and support as your baby grows. In the back of the Newborn Inlay there is a pocket containing two differently shaped foam material inserts. The Newborn Inlay can be adjusted to the growth of your baby by either removing the smaller insert only or both foam material inserts. The Newborn Inlay must only be used in the lowest three headrest positions and once the baby can no longer be comfortably secured with the harness in the third headrest position, the inlay should be removed from the Sirona. This inlay is suitable for babies from birth to approximately 3 months.

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