Cire Trudon Napoleon Bust Candle, Black




Working with the French National Museum Council, Cire Trudon has been given the opportunity to reproduce sculptural works from the Council’s Molding Workshop catalogue. The result: a collection of stunning wax busts of iconic characters and symbols from France’s rich history.  One of France’s most iconic historical figures, Napoleon Bonaparte has remained a prolific inspiration for art and sculpture. From paintings to sculptures, snuff boxes to fans, throughout history his portrait has been used as a tool for propaganda, and today as a celebration of France’s bountiful cultural heritage.  Having supplied French royalty, as well as the most glorious cathedrals and churches over France, Cire Trudon has established an unrivalled historical reputation of prestige. Today, Cire Trudon creates wax candles that embody French luxury, reflecting this impressive background in their scents.

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