BRITANNIA Delphi 100 XG RC10XGGDECR Dual Fuel Range Cooker – Gloss Cream & Stainless Steel




It’s easy to create a wide range of meals with the great-looking gloss cream and stainless steel Britannia Delphi 100 XG RC10XGGDECR Dual Fuel Range Cooker. It includes three grills, two multifunction ovens and even a rotisserie, so you’ll be able to make fabulous feasts for friends and family. High powered hobThe gas hob of the Delphi 100 XG features six burners so there’s plenty of room for your pots and pans, no matter what you’re cooking. This includes two 5 kW dual wok burners – you’ll be able to use the 0.48 kW central burner for delicate heating, or for an extra burst of energy, you’ll be able to use the full burner.You won’t need to worry about danger in your kitchen thanks to the flame supervision devices on each burner, which cut off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished while you’re cooking.Multifunction ovensThere are two multifunction electric ovens at the heart of the Delphi 100 XG RC10XGGDE-CR, so there’s more than enough room to roast even the largest dinner. These ovens boast nine oven functions, ideal for flexibility and choice when you’re cooking. The functions include defrost and pizza functions, making cooking a breeze.The main oven offers 52-litres of space, and includes the Quickstart function, which provides rapid preheating for your ovens so you can get cooking quickly whilst keeping energy consumption down. Prepare perfect roast dinners thanks to the programmable probe, which lets you achieve professional results while you’re cooking rolled joints of meat.The second multifunction oven boasts 42-litres of space, and includes a rotisserie – it’s perfect for cooking succulent chicken and turkey, and takes less time than roasting the meat.There’s also an electric grill in each oven, and high grade shelving and telescopic runners in the main oven let you use your ovens smoothly and safely.Separate grillYou’ll still be able to grill even if you’re using both of the ovens thanks to the separate grill in the Delphi 100XG RC-10XGGDECR. This full-width grill provides even more cooking options, so you won’t have to sacrifice an oven to be able to grill.Storage shelfYou will be able to store your baking trays and cake tins right where you need them thanks to the integrated soft close storage drawer. It runs the full length of the cooker so there’s all the space you’ll need.Catalytic cleaningBoth of the ovens of the Delphi 100 XG RC10XGGDECR feature catalytic liners which help to break down grease and dirt inside the oven using heat, which means that you can spend less time cleaning your oven.Packed with features that make cooking even the largest meals a breeze, the gloss cream and stainless steel Britannia Delphi 100 XG RC10XGGDECR Dual Fuel Range Cooker adds another dimension to your kitchen.

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