BOSCH PKE645D17 Ceramic Hob – Black





With a classy framed design, the Bosch PKE645D17 Ceramic Hob is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Ceramic cooking This smart hob has four cooking zones and 17 different temperatures so you can expect precision cooking every time. The HighSpeed hob provides the power and responsiveness for great home cooking. Convenient control Temperature and zones are monitored by a subtle yet clear electronic display while adjusting the hob requires little more than a tap on the touch-sensitive controls. Safety first When it comes to safety, you can rely on the PKE645D17 thanks to a childproof lock that stops wandering hands turning anything on and a safety timer that shuts down the hob if it’s left on. Modern and advanced in style and delivery, the Bosch PKE645D17 Ceramic Hob provides a premium cooking performance.

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