Bobbi Brown Skin Moisture Solution – Rehydration Compound





Formulated for severely parched, uncomfortable skin, this Sodium Hyaluronate-infused solution works like a moisture magnet, instantly binding moisture to skin`s surface. The result is deeply moisturized skin that`s supple, never taut.- Helps increase skin`s natural moisturizing factor- Helps restore skin`s optimal moisture levels- Minimises tautness Claims:91% said skin felt instantly more comfortable88% said it instantly quenched parched skin86% said it instantly helped restore skin?s glowAfter 4 weeks, 91% said skin felt more comfortable throughout the day. A concentrated infusion of moisture featuring Hyaluronic Acid Complex to pull moisture to the skin and support skin`s natural moisturizing factor. Formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate, a naturally derived moisture magnet that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It draws moisture to skin while stimulating skin`s natural Hyaluronic Acid production. Apply 2-3 drops on clean skin twice a day. Follow with your customized Bobbi Brown skincare regimen. Layer over Skin Reviver and under Skin Fortifier to boost dull, dry skin.Dry skinHydratingGift SetsPipette applicator

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