Berghoff Leo 7-Piece Utensil Set

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BergHOFF Leo 7-piece Utensil Set including Knife and Utensil Block The Leo collection by BergHOFF is designed to bring harmony to your kitchen, combining a light pastel palette with simple shapes and soft textures perfectly. This 7-piece set includes everything for all your basic prep needs: – Serving Spoon – Pasta Spoon – Serving Ladle – Skimmer – Tongs – Spoon Rest – Knife and Utensil Block Each of the tolls is crafted from durable nylon and all except for the tongs include super soft-touch handles. The ingenious silicone spoon rest can is perfect for a range of uses – from holding your tablet or book when following recipes to keeping your worktops free from sauces. It can even be used to quickly dry off chopping boards! Made from eco-conscious, hard-wearing bamboo fibre, the utensil block also includes some clever features. Not just for your tools, there are also 5 slots in the cork interior for you to display your favourite knives. 7-Piece set with knife and utensil block With multi-functional spoon rest Exclusive design by BergHOFF All of the utensils, except the tongs, have a super soft touch handle 7-Piece set includes serving spoon, pasta spoon, serving ladle, skimmer, tongs, multi-functional spoon rest and a cleverly designed utensil holder.

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