BELLING Classic 60 cm Gas Cooker – Black




Top features:- Cook the perfect roast with this conventional gas oven- Crisp and brown your food with open door grilling- The programmable cook-to-off timer takes the hassle out of meal timesCook the perfect roastGas ovens will naturally be hotter at the top of a cavity and cooler at the bottom, which is ideal for preparing traditional roasts, so you can cook meat in the central of the oven, whilst roasting potatoes at the top and pudding towards the base.You can also reduce your carbon footprint in the kitchen and make savings on your household utility bills as this appliance features an A energy efficiency rating.Crisp and brown your foodWhether you want to crisp bacon for an English breakfast or melt cheese on toast, the Classic 60G Gas Cooker open-door grill will circulate air evenly which will truly grill your food, instead of baking it.The programmable cook-to-off timerCook your favourite dishes with precision using the programmable cook-to-off timer. Simply set the timer to the ideal cooking time and the cooker will automatically turn off when the time is reached, so you don’t have to worry about overcooking or burning your meal again.

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