BELLING BEL FHD800 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer – White





Top features: – 12 drying programs ensure great results no matter your laundry type – Energy efficient A++ energy rating and heat pump technology helps reduce your carbon footprint – Anti-crease function helps to reduce creases in your clothing 12 drying programsWith 12 drying programs to choose from, including cotton, synthetic, silk and refresh, you can find a program to suit your drying needs without over drying or causing fabric damage. This tumble dryer has sensor technology that monitors the moisture in the load, stopping the cycle when the perfect level is reached.Energy efficientThis energy efficient Belling BEL FHD800 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer has an A++ energy rating which will help to reduce your carbon footprint and your household utility bills.Heat pump technology recycles hot air so that less electricity is consumed in the drying process, allowing you to stay kinder to the environment.Anti-crease functionThe BEL FHD800 has an anti-crease function that helps to cut down on creasing in your clothes. The drum action loosens your laundy at regular intevals, so they’ll have fewer creases when your cycle ends.

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