Beko 10kg EcoSmart 1400rpm & Install

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Large drum sizes allow you to wash more in one go, making life easier and saving you money. You can wash up to 4 double bed linen sets and 13 towels or 50 shirts in one wash cycle. The high spin speed helps save time on energy use in the tumble dryer by removing more water. The Pro-Smart Inverter Motor provides a more energy efficient and quieter operation and comes with a 10 year warranty. An anti-allergy wash cycle, endorsed by Allergy UK, helps reduce the amount of allergens like cat, dog and pollen allergens, as well as bacteria and fungi. Ideal for households with allergy or asthma sufferers. Designed to tackle 24 different types of stains, this programme delivers a superior cleaning performance compared to the standard cotton programme through optimised temperature control, programme duration, tumbling action and rinsing steps. The combination of AquaWave™ System, the new DuoSpray wash technology and the new ProSmart Inverter™ motor provides powerful, yet efficient cleaning for cottons even in cold water, thus saving you up to 75% in energy consumption compared to the Cotton 40° programme while delivering same washing performance. Duo Spray Technology uses dual shower nozzles located at the top of the drum to spray the laundry with water and detergent solution.

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