Arthur Price Kings Cutlery Canteen, Silver Plated, 60 Piece





Set your table with the King’s silver plated cutlery range from Arthur Price of England, ready for a fine dining experience. Kings is a direct descendant of an older pattern called Fiddle Thread and Sheel. This particular adaptation first appeared around 1817 and is still enormously popular today. Benefit from Silver’s exceptional qualities; its unique radiance and warmth. It is a stunning material that ages beautifully over time and adds a whole new dimension to fine dining. Our Arthur Price products, made in Sheffield, England, are made from 25 year silver plate: Knives have hollow handles, offering a more desirable balance when held in the hand (bolsters also ground down and polished to ensure a seamless transition from handle to blade) Knives with smooth blades, enforcing premium quality Extra polishing throughout the manufacturing process adds more shine Please visit our Oxford street branches to see samples of this classic silver plated cutlery set. Please note: the image you see here shows the key pieces of this collection, but with the larger sets it includes additional items such as fish eaters and coffee spoons.

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