Anthony Waller – Beach Hut Parade Triptych, 105 x 35cm





These 3 canvas artworks depict a spectacular seaside scene that’s perfect for mounting in an office, hallway or living space. Each one of these canvas prints measures 35 x 35cm (the artwork measures 105 x 35cm in total), so wherever you choose to display them, they’re sure to catch the eye.   Anthony Waller is fascinated by nature and the landscape, an interest he has held since his childhood. Through his paintings he catches the charm of light filtering through trees and the sparkling water on flowing rivers.   Originally a fighter pilot in the RAF, in 1976 Anthony decided to become a full time painter, despite not being formally trained in the profession. He is best known for his atmospheric watercolours, exhibiting in galleries around the country, but also dabbles in oil, acrylic and photography.

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