AMICA AMICA ZEN BLACK Electric Oven – Black





Top features:- Speed up the cooking process with rapid preheating – Enjoy hassle free maintenance with the Aqualytic cleaning system – Tackle more versatile dishes with the 2000 W super-grill – Prepare larger meals with ease thanks to the spacious 66 litre capacity Speed up the cooking processSpend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your meal thanks to rapid preheating, which can reach up to 150 degrees Celsius in just four minutes.You also won’t have to open the door and release heat to check on your cooking progress thanks to the I-Light Space, which features two internal, bright halogen lamps.Enjoy hassle free maintenanceThere’s no need for scrubbing and expensive cleaners thanks to the Aqualytic cleaning system, which uses steam to break down tough mess and grime.Tackle more versatile dishesPrepare deliciously crisp meats and vegetables under the 2000 W super-grill, which offers safer and more practical closed door functionality.You can also avoid accidents in the kitchen and safely remove heavy dishes with the telescopic guides. Oven racks can be safely pulled out by up to 100%, so you don’t have to reach into a hot oven to remove your meal.Prepare larger meals with easePrepare larger meals with ease thanks to the spacious 66 litre capacity this Amica ZEN Black 60 cm Single Electric Oven offers.You can also reduce your carbon footprint and make savings on your household bills thanks to the A energy rating.

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