Alexander McQueen McQueen For Her Body Wash 250ml





Alexander McQueen McQueen For Her Body Wash 250ml.`I wanted this fragrance to come from night flowers, the kind that exude an eternal freshness once the day is gone` Sarah Burton.McQueen Eau de Parfum takes a vintage spirit and gives it a stunningly modern architecture. Its unique scent is made from the precious essence of three night-blooming flowers. Sambac Jasmine the essence of power and romance melts in the erotic embrace of the Tuberose, with both wrapped by the mysterious and exotic spiciness of the highest Ylang Ylang.A timeless shape, tactile and beautiful in the hand the bottle expresses the beauty of the opposites melting traditional grace and modern flair.Alexander McQueen McQueen Eau De Parfum For Her.Oriental scentEau de cologne

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