AEG Softwater 9000 L9FSC969R 9 kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine – White





Top features:- 60 degree cleaning at 30 degrees with Softwater technology- OKOMix ensures a deep clean by fully mixing detergent and softener with water- Say goodbye to wrinkles with ProSteam- Extra-economical washing with ProSense- Blue Woolmark-certified to properly care for delicate garments60 degree cleaning at 30 degreesKeep colours brighter and prevent black items from going grey with Softwater. The AEG Softwater 9000 L9FSC969R 9 kg Washing Machine purifies and softens water to let your detergent work more efficiently. Your clothes will be beautifully cleaned while maintaining their shape and texture.OKOMixYou want each wash to be as thorough and economical as possible. OKOMix mixes every bit of detergent and softener with water so that they fully dissolve and start working even before they get into the drum. The result is deep-cleaned clothing that feels and looks great for longer.Say goodbye to wrinklesIroning can take up a lot of time – that’s why your Softwater 9000 Washing Machine features a ProSteam option that adds steam to the end of a wash cycle to remove creases by up to a third. You’ll be able to power through your ironing and get important outfits ready to wear sooner.Extra-economical washingUse less energy and water with ProSense. It uses sensors to measure every load, tailoring cycle times and water levels so the machine only consumes what’s needed. Your clothes won’t be over-washed so they’ll keep that new look for longer.Blue Woolmark-certifiedWoollen items usually need to be washed by hand. The AEG L9FSC969R Washing Machine is Blue Woolmark-certified for delicate cleaning, gently moving the drum to care for special items of clothing.Enjoy softer results with every wash – the machine is Premium Certified by Ariel and Lenor for its excellent cleaning performance and optimised fabric softener distribution.

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