ACER ED242QRwi Full HD 24″ Curved LCD Monitor – White





Top features: – Eye-friendly screen is perfect if you use your monitor every day – Curved screen surrounds you for enhanced viewing – Full HD screen provides high contrast for improved viewing Eye-friendly screenAcerVisionCentre technology makes the screen more comfortable if you need to use your screen all day. Whether you spend your day writing, programming, or playing games, you won’t feel the effects of eyestrain.Light reflections off the screen are reduced, so even in a brightly lit area like a shared office you’ll still have a perfect picture. Then, when you need to gather people around to show off your latest digital creation, the wide viewing angle means that everyone gets a good view of your work without the colours distorting.CurvedThe Ace ED242 Curved Monitor isn’t just a window onto new worlds – the curved screens draws you in to the movies you watch, planting you in the world as the adventure unfolds around you. The ZeroFrame design removes the border around the screen, leaving you with a seamless experience.Full HDThe Full HD screen is perfect for movies or games. The natural high contrast creates deeper blacks and allows for a wider range of colour, so images and videos will be leaping out of the screen.

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